PET CrystalBatch

New: PET CrystalBatch – directly post-crystallised pellets

The new alternative to amorphous PET pellets: In an innovative process developed by cpc, the material is directly post-crystallised. In this way, we are continuing the development from discontinuous crystallisation to underwater strand pelletisation and underwater pelletisation to direct post-crystallisation.

Carefully manufactured

PET CrystalBatch convinces with its homogeneous, stable product quality. It is thermally less stressed during direct recrystallization and achieves the crystallization point in a particularly gentle manner. It retains its cylindrical shape and has an excellent surface finish. It is dust-free and does not migrate.

Efficient processing

Moreover, PET CrystalBatch is universally applicable. It can easily be integrated into various industrial processing processes in different industries. In addition, direct recrystallization contributes to lowering energy costs. PET CrystalBatch expands our high-quality product range and is available just a few days after order placement.

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