Color matching in the cpc-digital-cloud


Fast, accurate, direct:
The colors for the new Dr. Best toothbrush series was developed for the first time in the cpc-digital-cloud. To do this, the toothbrush model was digitally recorded as a template with various levels and then colored on the calibrated screen – as an animated 3D model. The digital color matching in the cpc-digital-cloud will thus also be groundbreaking for your future product developments.

Complex color design becomes easier
Color design is one of the major success factors of a product. It must fit the character of your product and the product line as well as the corporate identity of your company. In addition, each new introduction should be tailored to your respective target group and current trends. This complex process of color editing becomes more direct, easier and faster with the cpc-digital-cloud.

Presentation as a 3D model sets standards
For collecting the template we provide the special software. The product then appears as a digital model in a three-dimensional animation that defines new standards in its realism. This makes possible what other methods do not offer: the coloring of all levels and components of the realistic model.

Binding color values
With the new technology, all color values can be defined binding. This eliminates a source of error in color rendering. That gives you security: you receive your products in exactly the desired color. This can also be a shade of an already tested color palette or a product sample.

100% color representation of the original shade
For further processing, a calibrated screen and a matched printer ensure 100% color reproduction of the original color. The corresponding remission values can later be used for outer packaging and labels. So even the production of your advertising material goes without any loss of quality.

Save time and money
In the digital color development, designers and marketing can see their color preferences directly on the newly developed toothbrush model. The usual correction loops are thus eliminated, as well as the sending of color samples and the creation of original parts.

Digital color drafting of the new
Dr. Best toothbrush series in the cpc digital cloud

Take advantage of the new digital color matching in the cpc-digital-cloud – we are happy to advise you!