Adding added value with additives

The importance of additives.  Behind the Color Masterbatch, additives are often regarded as  “colorless” companion. However, their significance is far more substantial. Additives can have a decisive impact on product manufacturing and product life cycles.

Optimise manufacturing processes. In the manufacturing process, additives are important. As required, cavities can be filled more easily, for example, in the injection molding process, parts can be removed from the molds or deposits can be avoided. The profitability of the production process can also be decisively improved: additives can minimize cycle times or reduce processing temperatures. We would like to inform you about the scope for optimising your production processes.

Add more values. In addition, additives protect thermoplasts and generate additional properties. Thus antioxidants, both during the thermal forming process and in the application, enable the resistance of the polymer against destructive temperature influences. UV-protection additives also have a lasting effect: they ensure the preservation of the color of products which are exposed to various environmental influences and also preserve their stability. Specific combinations of additives also increase, for example, the scratch resistance or the slipperiness of products.

Color, protection and function by combi-bat. The optimal combination of color pigments and function-specific additives is also part of our product spectrum. The result is always tailor-made, because only the combibets exactly matched to your needs meet the various requirements that are placed on today’s products and their efficient production.

UV protection

Our UV stabilisers reliably prevent the aging of plastics e.g. fading, embrittlement or cracking. Processes caused by UV light irradiation without free-radical scavengers.

Flame retardant

Masterbatch for electronic devices, for example, can be equipped with flame protection to limit, slow down or prevent the spread of fires.

Lubricant anti-adherent glidant

Lubricant anti-adherent glidant prevents the sticking together or the formation of air bubbles between smooth surfaces.


Masterbatch von cpc ausgestattet mit Antistatika verhindert zuverlässig elektrostatische Aufladung, verursacht durch Reibung. Staubanziehung oder Entladungsfunken können vermieden werden.

metal deactivators

Masterbatch von cpc mit Metalldesaktivatoren helfen, die Zersetzung von Kunststoff durch den Kontakt mit Metall zu verhindern und katalytische Reaktionen zu unterbinden, zum Beispiel bei Kupferkabelummantelungen.

antioxidants thermostabilisers

Masterbatch mit Antioxidantien schützen Kunststoff vor Schädigungen durch thermische, mechanische oder chemische Einwirkungen.